Microsoft’s mobile phone VP Joe Belfiore caught using iPhone when travelling

The person at Microsoft running the team that builds phone, tablet and PC versions of Windows 10 has been caught using an Apple iPhone. His name is Joe Belfiore and he’s known as an evangelist for Windows on mobile phones. Unfortunately he was caught by eagle eyed Twitter users who noticed he was using Twitter for iPhone.


Belfiore took a year off and is currently traveling around the world. Yesterday Microsoft’s ‘Corporate Vice President, Operating Systems Group’ tweeted from Japan. While the Tweet was meant to demonstrate his new haircut, many Windows fans commented on the usage of an iPhone to Tweet.

Users also responded with complaints about the shortage of apps and the inadequate software on Lumia phones.


After several hours Belfiore found out about the uproar and he quickly posted that he uses an iPhone to find out where Microsoft’s competitors are up to. According to Belfiore he doesn’t only use an iPhone but also regularly uses an Android phone.

Besides using competing phones Belfiore also uses Macbooks and competing services like Google Maps (Bing Maps) and Spotify (Groove Music).

Today Belfiore showed some humor with the following Tweet: