Microsoft’s mysterious rumored device combines smartphone and laptop

Microsoft is rumored to work on a new hybrid device that combines elements of a smartphone and a laptop. How the device will look like and how big it is, remains unknown. The rumor was posted by technology news site The Information, which has proven to be a reliable source. The site states the device won’t become available to consumers anytime soon, but Microsoft would be developing the device “for the future”.


The hybrid device is targeted at business customers and the hybrid functionality becomes possible because Windows 10 will run on many platforms. Microsoft has announced that its upcoming operating system will work the same across smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops and the Xbox One. Wednesday the company will likely announce the first details on the mobile version of Windows 10 and will reveal more about the consumer desktop version of  Windows 10.

The combination of a laptop and smartphone implies it will be a device with a physical keyboard because that is the major difference between a laptop and tablet. Except for Blackberry currently no other manufacturer sells smartphones with a physical keyboard.