Microsoft’s upper management behind decision to bring back start menu

The expected return of the start menu in Windows Blue / Windows 8.1, appears to be a decision of Microsoft’s upper management. The Windows team itself is reportedly less enthusiastic about the return of this much discussed Windows feature.

Microsoft's upper management behind decision to bring back start menu

Last week we reported that several sources confirmed that Microsoft is planning to let the start menu return in Windows 8 . We updated that story with the news that also the start button will likely be an option coming with the Windows Blue update. This means that those who don’t like the Metro GUI are able to continue to work in the desktop like they were used in previous Windows versions,  after the Windows 8.1 / Windows Blue update has been applied.

Windows watcher Paul Thurrot reports that the decision seems to be coming from Microsoft’s upper management.  The President of the Windows division, Steve Sinofsky left the company and Thurrot argues that the fact that he’s not in charge anymore makes it possible to bring the start menu and start button back. Sinofsky apparently had other plans with Windows 8 but Microsoft’s upper management decided to listen to its customers.

On the internet there have been heavy debates on the absence of the start menu and the start button. Soon after Microsoft announced Windows 8 it became clear that Microsoft would no longer include both in it’s new OS. The company even removed code to make it impossible for hackers to use the legacy code to let the start menu and button return. Instead the company focused on the Metro GUI, a new interface clearly developed for touch screens.

According to Microsoft the start menu was hardly used and users would easily get acquainted with the Metro start menu. In reality the absence of the start menu was a continuous complaint of users and subject to many discussions.