Microsoft’s Windows Phone is a disaster, market share drops below 1%

The global market share of Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system has dropped below the 1%. In the second quarter of 2015 the market share of the mobile OS was 2.5% and it now dropped to 0.6%.


Windows Phone appears to be following BlackBerry, the once very popular smartphone brand with its own OS dropped from 0.3% last year to 0.1% in the same period a year later. Even the switch to Android doesn’t seem to be able to rescue the Canadian smartphone manufacturer.

Android is by far the most popular, Google’s smartphone OS holds a market share of 86.2%, followed by Apple’s iOS with a market share of 12.9%

From the Android smartphones the majority is sold by Samsung, followed by Huawei, Oppo and Xiaomi, which are especially popular in Asian countries.

While Windows 10 has become the most successful Windows version ever, with an install base of hundreds of millions, Windows Phone isn’t benefiting from the Windows user base. Windows Phone is now called Window 10 Mobile, but while it’s Windows 10, it still has the legacy of the image of the old unsuccessful Windows Phone OS.