Most voted posts on Microsoft forums: How to uninstall Windows 8

The most voted questions on the Microsoft Windows 8 Forum are ‘how to downgrade to Windows XP‘ and ‘how can I uninstall it and load Windows 7‘. The original posts were made in December 2012, only two months after Windows 8 was released but still receive replies.  Both posts are the number one and two receivers of ‘Helpful votes’ with respectively 915 and 334 votes.


The second largest issue posted by Windows 8 users is an issue with blurry fonts and the third largest issue is about not receiving keys for Windows 8 Media Center Pack.

Worse is the section ‘Discussions’ on the Microsoft forums, posts that receive most replies are usually about complaints on Windows 8. Users complain that the OS is too much focused on touch, is hard to understand and users complain about the Metro interface at whole. Posts with titles ‘I Hate Windows 8′, ‘Why is Windows 8 not called Windows Tablet‘ and ‘Why do we have NO Choice?‘ are pretty much self explanatory and top the lists.

The Microsoft Community Forums can be used by everyone to post questions about Microsoft products. They are monitored by Microsoft employees and Microsoft’s Most Valued Professionals (MVP) who often jump in to interact with users.  It seems Microsoft has instructed them to not respond to ‘hate’ threads about Windows 8, the employees and MVPs are nowhere to be seen in many threads criticizing Microsoft ‘s latest OS.

The criticism from users is pretty much the same as the criticism Microsoft received from analysts and PC manufacturers. Microsoft’s focus on touch by introducing the Metro interface has so far not been the best change for the company. While the company continues to focus on the Metro interface, the upcoming Windows 8.1 update addresses some feedback from users.

Windows 8.1 contains several new features compared to Windows 8. It contains the successor of the start button, the start tip and the update makes it possible to boot directly to the desktop. The update also allows animated backgrounds, contains improved help functionality and several Metro applications are updated.

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