offers legit 2 minute movie clips

The major movie houses are finally embracing movie sharing – in two minute chunks – via

scarface2 is aiming to be the ultimate pop culture reference site, letting you watch clips and embed links in Twitter and Facebook to your favourite movie scenes – such as Scarface’s classic “Say hello to my little friend!”

While the movie houses have cracked down on copyrighted content on sites such as YouTube, has struck licensing agreements with the six major studios – 20th Century Fox, MGM, Paramount, Sony Pictures, Universal Pictures and Warner Bros. Pictures. It helps that’s owners include industry heavyweights such as Sid Ganis (former President of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences), Michael A. Helfant (former Marvel Studios President) and Ryan Wright (SVP, Sony BMG Music). features more than 12,000 clips from a wide range of films, including scenes from classic films such as Casablanca and It’s A Wonderful Life. The site lets you browse for clips by movie or actor, as well as search for clips based on actions or moods. You can also click through to sites such as Amazon and iTunes to purchase movies.

Unfortunately for international users, access to is restricted to the US and Canada.