Mozilla adds Screen Sharing and “save for later” service Pocket to Firefox 38.0.5

Mozilla has released a new version of Firefox. The browser now features the possibility to save web pages in the “save for later” service Pocket. Also the Reader View has been improved. Pocket makes it possible to save links to articles, videos and websites for later viewing.


Firefox previously integrated the service by using an add-on but Mozilla has now added Pocket as a regular Firefox feature. Currently the service, part of Firefox Accounts, is only available in English, Japanese, German, Russian and Spanish versions of the browser.

The browser developer has also made improvements to the Reader View in the most recent stable version of Firefox, version 38.0.5. With this feature articles can be displayed without the original design of the web page which should make texts better readable. Mozilla has improved the design of Reader View slightly, according to the release notes.


Mozilla has also added a feature to the Hello video chat service. This service was introduces several versions ago and allows users to make phone and video calls from the browser. The latest release of Firefox adds Screen Sharing, a feature that allows users to share a tab or screen during a videochat.


Finally, Mozilla reports that it has updated Firefox Developer Edition, a version of the browser tailored to web developers. The new version contains new tool to make it easier to build websites and webapps which Mozilla further explains in a blog post.