Mozilla asks how users feel about Facebook in quick survey

Posted 04 April 2018 23:49 CET by Jan Willem Aldershoff

Mozilla has started a survey in which the company asks internet users how they feel about Facebook. After Cambridge Analytica used data from Facebook users, without their consent, the browser developer released a special Firefox extension to better protect the privacy of Facebook users.

Through the survey, Mozilla hopes to better understand how users feel about Facebook. The survey contains questions on the tech savviness of the user but also wants to know who the user thinks is responsible for data protection on the internet and whether the user worries about the safety of personal data. Mozilla also would like to know whether the user would like a paid Facebook version where the social network doesn’t make money from collecting and selling personal data.

Mozilla will use the results of the survey to better understand how the company can better support and advocate for internet users and their personal data.

“We promise not to use any of your personally identifying information on targeted ads. We promise not to sell this data to any third parties. And we promise to share the results of this survey back with you in a transparent and open way,” the browser developer writes.

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