Mozilla ends support of Firefox on Windows XP

With the launch of Firefox 60 Extended Support Release (ESR) last Tuesday, Mozilla ended support for Firefox on Windows XP. It’s expected this decision will impact about 2.5 million Firefox users. The end of support means that Firefox will no longer receive security patches on XP.

Mozilla ends support of Firefox on Windows XP

Windows XP is 17 years old and the operating system doesn’t receive (security) updates from Microsoft since 2014. Mozilla decided to end the support for Windows XP as it took too many resources that couldn’t be allocated for other projects. Around 2% of the Firefox users still used the browser on XP.

“That’s millions of users we kept safe on the Internet despite running a nearly-17-year-old operating system whose last patch was over 4 years ago. That’s a year and a half of extra support for users who probably don’t feel they have much ability to protect themselves online”, Mozilla writes on a blog on its website.

Mozilla is not the first to end support of Windows XP, Google also stopped supporting Chrome on the outdated OS. Opera is currently the only major browser developer that still supports Windows XP.

Mozilla advises users to upgrade their system to a supported operating system.