Mozilla Introduced Enhanced Security Features in Firefox 70


Mozilla unveiled its newly released Firefox 70 update last Wednesday, October 23, 2019. Its new features highlight enhanced tracking protection and better protection against privacy breaches.

Although the Enhanced Tracking Protection system was introduced in Firefox 69, the recent 70 updates provided better security features. Through this system, Mozilla claims that it has successfully “blocked more than 450 billion tracking requests.”


The new feature rolled out in Firefox 70 provides complementary privacy protection reports that offer insight into trackers. In its blog, Mozilla reveals its use of blockers to prevent cookies and social media trackers from creating a profile. In addition, it also blocks crypto miners and fingerprinters.

Mozilla Enhanced Security Features

Under the Firefox Monitor, customers using the facility will gain access to data breach reports. The report will provide details on the number of compromised passwords used in the breach.


Meanwhile, the Lockwise feature reportedly allows users to assess the passwords they have stored in the system. Moreover, Ars Technica states the password managing system now creeps around the Internet to find compromised data on users’ accounts. To achieve this, hashed password encryptions are compared to the hashes found on the web.

The updated Lockwise system now also comes with a password generator that users may access through Mozilla’s dashboard monitor.

Following the company’s updates, the German cybersecurity agency hailed Mozilla Firefox as the most secure browser. Among five major desktop web browsers, only Firefox passed, as per the German Federal Office for Information Security, states Forbes.

The five desktop web browsers assessed by the agency include Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, and Safari. The main requirements laid out by the firm include the latest technology support for TLS HSTS and CSP. Likewise, automatic updates for different codes and extensions must also be supported.

Apart from these, Forbes reports that seamless integration with native operating systems defenses is also required to pass the assessment. Mozilla’s browsing system successfully ticked all of these boxes.

The system upgrade of Firefox 70 is available across a variety of operating systems. According to Venture Beat, current users of the browser will be able to download and implement updates automatically.

Windows users can download the installer directly from the website. Meanwhile, mobile users will soon be able to get updates through Google Play and the App Store. Perks of getting the update also includes analytics and report generation.

The upgrade is also available on Linux.