Mozilla launches Firefox 65.0 with improved privacy protection

Posted 30 January 2019 23:54 CET by Jan Willem Aldershoff

Mozilla has launched version 65.0 of its Firefox browser, which introduces improved protection against tracking. Users can now choose their desired level of privacy protection, including a standard, strict or custom level.

When set to strict level, Firefox will block all known trackers and third-party tracking cookies in both regular as private windows. However, this setting can potentially negatively impact the functionality of website, Mozilla warns. With the custom level, users can fine tune themselves in which windows they want to block trackers and what kind of trackers and cookies they want to be blocked.

Mozilla has not disabled any of the features by default but states it plans to do that later this year, the browser developer wants to perform more experiments with the feature first.

Also new is improved protection against “stack smashing” for the Android, macOS and Linux version of the browser. Stack smashing is an attack that can cause an overflow which allows attacker to execute code on the device.

Mozilla has also made improvements to the Firefox popup blocker that prevents website from opening multiple popup windows at the same time. The browser now also supports the next-generation, royalty-free video compression codec AV1 and the Google developed image compression format WebP.

Firefox 65.0 is available for download from the Mozilla website, but can also be automatically downloaded and installed through the automatic update feature of Firefox.

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