Mozilla starts ‘browse against the machine’ campaign to convince users to ditch Google Chrome

Mozilla has started a new campaign that should convince users to switch from Google Chrome to Firefox. The campaign is named ‘browse against the machine’ and should change the domination of Google’s Chrome browser which currently holds a worldwide market share of about 60%. That is 4x times more than its second competitor, Firefox.

Mozilla starts 'browse against the machine' campaign to convince users to ditch Google Chrome

Google’s domination of the browser market is making that its “influence on the internet economy and individuals is out of balance”, according to Mozilla’s Eric Petitt. He also argues that it provides Google more control over the web and way people use the web.

The campaign ‘browse against the machine’ should change that. In the campaign Mozilla advertises 5 of Firefox’s biggest advantages, hoping it will make people switch from Chrome. The campaign underlines how Firefox uses less memory than Chrome, how Firefox provides users more control over your data and privacy, that Firefox is independent, that the browser isn’t developed by the largest advertising company in the world but instead by a, “non-profit organization whose mission is to preserve a healthy web in part by keeping corporate power in check”.

“Some folks might interpret “browse against the machine” as a desperate cry, but it isn’t. Firefox grew in users last year and Mozilla is financially healthier now than it has ever been”, Petitt writes on the Mozilla website.

“Mozilla has always put its independence ahead of maximizing profit. It is an imperfect world with Google’s search engine dominance, but we still remain the only independent alternative on the web today”, he concludes.