Mozilla to add ‘Content Blocking’ feature to Firefox for increased privacy and performance

Posted 24 August 2018 17:38 CET by Jan Willem Aldershoff

Mozilla will add a new setting to Firefox that allows users to block trackers and other third-party content that have an impact on privacy and performance. Currently, the browser already has an option called “Tracking Protection” that makes it possible to block online trackers.

This option will now be replaced by “Content Blocking”. This option makes it possible to block third-party content, like advertisements or Javascript code, that tracks users over the internet and increases the load time of websites. Users can choose to block trackers and other elements that take more than five seconds to load. Besides that, users can also opt to block all known trackers. However, Mozilla stresses blocking all trackers could cause some websites to no longer properly load anymore.

Content Blocking has been added to the latest version of Firefox Nightly, the earliest (untested) prerelease version of the browser that can therefore be buggy and unstable. Regular Firefox (Release version) users will likely be able to use the feature starting with Firefox 63 which is scheduled for the 23rd of October this year.

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