Mozilla to disable Flash by default starting with Firefox 69

Mozilla will disable the Flash plugin by default in Firefox 69, according to a post in the Firefox bug tracker. The release of the 69th version of the browser is scheduled for September this year. By 2020, Mozilla hopes to fully end support of the Flash plugin.

Mozilla to disable Flash by default starting with Firefox 69Initially, Flash will only be disabled by default in the Nightly versions of Firefox, according to a message in BugZilla. Public release of Firefox 69 is scheduled for the beginning of September according to a road map provided by the browser developer. It was already known that Mozilla would disable Flash this year, but it was unknown when that would happen.

When Flash is disabled by default, it means that users don’t get any notifications asking to enable Flash, but users can still enable it through settings. Currently it’s already possible to have similar functionality by changing the setting “ask to activate” to “never activate”.

While Mozilla completely ends support for Flash at the beginning of 2020 for the regular version of Firefox, the company will continue to support Flash till the end of 2020 for the Firefox Extended Support release.


As soon as Adobe ends its support for Flash, which means the company no longer releases security updates, Firefox will refuse to load the Flash plugin, according to the Firefox road map.

Adobe plans to end support from the 1st of January 2021, after which Flash is considered end-of-life.