Mozilla uses machine learning tool from Ubisoft to eliminate bugs in Firefox

Posted 13 February 2019 16:43 CET by Jan Willem Aldershoff

Mozilla will make use of machine learning software from Ubisoft to reduce the number of bugs in Firefox. Ubisoft’s so-called coding-assistant named Clever-Commit, uses data from Firefox’s bug tracking and version control system.

By combining that data, Clever-Commit is able to use machine learning to find patterns in previous mistakes in the source code of Firefox. Mozilla claims the tool will be able to speed up the number of Firefox releases. The releases should also be more stable, thanks to the tool, according to the browser developer.

Mozilla will use Clever-Commit during the code, test and release process of Firefox. By integrating the tool in the entire development process, Mozilla thinks it can intercept 60-80% of all bugs before they end up in the browser. The developer hopes to save hundreds of hours of risk analysis and bug detection.

Clever-Commit has been developed by Ubisoft La Forge, the research and development department of game publisher Ubisoft. Mozilla will also support further development of the tool.

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