Mozilla will warn Firefox users when their data is leaked

Posted 23 November 2017 16:48 CET by Jan Willem Aldershoff

Mozilla works on a new Firefox feature that warns users when their login data is compromised by a hack and part of a data leak. The browser developer announced the new feature today on its website.

The feature is build in cooperation with the website Have I Been Pwned which indexes data leaks.

Initially the feature is only available as legacy add-in but it should later become a core feature of Firefox. The functionality of the add-in is currently limited and will only show a warning when users visit a website that has been hacked and is index by Have I Been Pwned.

The add-in can be downloaded through Github. Users on Firefox Quantum, which normally only works with Web Extensions (a new type of plugin architecture), can enable support for legacy add-ins through about:config, search for extensions.legacy.enabled and set it to true.

Full instruction on how to get the plugin and and how enable it, can be found on the Breach Alert Github repository.

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