MP3 download site MP3Skull convicted to pay $22.2 million in damages to the RIAA

The administrators of the MP3 download site MP3Skull are convicted to pay $22.2 million in damages to record labels. The record labels, united in the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), also received permission from a judge to seize the domains used by MP3Skull.


The $22.2 million in damages means that the MP3Skull owners have to pay $150,000 per song that was submitted as evidence, which were 148 in total.

Although the judge convicted the owners of the site, it’s still unclear who they are. Their identity is unknown and they also haven’t responded to the lawsuit, according to The Guardian.

Also the seizure of the MP3Skull domain has been pretty unsuccessful so far, after the site’s .com and .to domains were blocked they are now available on a .yoga and .mn domain. On the site Piratestatus, the owners of the site show the most current URL of MP3Skull.

MP3Skull offers downloads of tracks from many popular artists. Texts on the site indicate the owners are not native English speakers which likely means they reside in a country where it will be hard for the RIAA to get the damages paid.