MSI launches 15-hour Wind netbook

MSI has launched the Wind U160 netbook, which has a battery that is able to support 15-hours of usage on a single charge using a low-power Intel CPU platform.

The MSI Wind U160 packs an Intel Atom N450 processor, 10-inch backlit LED display (1024×600 resolution), 1GB DDR2 memory, 160GB HDD, Microsoft Windows 7 Starter, 6-cell battery, and a long battery life.  The netbook is now available for $430.

MSI is a strong supporter of netbooks, but the company is still lesser known than Acer, Asus, Dell, and other manufacturers. MSI hopes to continue to diversify its netbook portfolio by launching a wide array of new products.

MSI launches 15-hour Wind netbook

Oddly, the power button is located on the hinge of the netbook, which is definitely interesting, even if it’s not practical.  Another oddity is the trackpad, which doesn’t have a distinct border and eventually blends directly into the casing itself.

Looking to stir things up a bit further, MSI included an illuminated logo that is located on the outside of the netbook’s exterior shell.  The U160 also left behind the popular clamshell form in favor of a new cylindrical hinge, another feature aimed at garnering attention for the new product.

I applaud MSI for releasing a netbook that offers up to 15-hours battery life on a single charge, but I don’t like the higher price tag for the device.  Then again, it might be worth sending along a couple extra dollars to purchase a netbook that won’t die on long trips and includes some distinguishing features that separate it from the competition.