Music pack torrent released containing all of ACS:Law’s client works


As part of the continued blow-back caused by the UK law firm ACS: Law, who is sending out massive amounts of threatening letters and taking legal action against file sharers, pirates have now released a new music pack. The music collection is now available through peer-to-peer services and BitTorrent. It includes 15 albums and one bonus track. The music pack consists of every copyrighted work that ACS:Law is known to represent.

The law group will continue to be a public target among hackers and pirates who are looking to publicly humiliate copyright groups and other companies involved in targeting file sharers.


Music pack torrent released containing all of ACS:Law's client works

This is the latest incident ACS: Law has had to deal with in recent weeks, as the group has been targeted by hackers, had sensitive information leaked and been highly criticized in the press.

The artists and albums shared in the music pack were compiled by the ‘Wankers’ group looking to send a message to ACS: Law. The group wants to prove how easy it is to acquire songs, how the law group can’t intimidate all music listeners, and that musicians and music labels shouldn’t rely on these lawyer groups.


Since first hearing about ACS: Law and its practices, I had an instant dislike for the law firm and how it handles its business. As noted in this post in late 2008, ACS: Law gained attention for sending settlement notices out to people accused of downloading gay porn — including letters sent to the wrong people.

Until ordered not to, ACS: Law plans to continue chasing file sharers accused of downloading and sharing copyrighted content. The lawfirm will still have to answer to British lawmakers regarding the leak of personal details of several thousand Internet subscribers.

Last month, it was also announced ACS: Law would have to answer to lawmakers regarding the sheer number of complaints the group garnered with the UK Solicitors Regulatory Authority (SRA).

It’s no surprise that ACS: Law will continue to target file sharers as long as they can, as it seems all they are interested in is making as much money as possible.  Lawmakers and hackers alike will be watching the developments closely, as many are hoping that the unscrupulous firm will be forced to cease operations in the near future.