Myce releases tool for circumventing Cinavia protection – April’s fools day

A small team of Myce experts and staff built a joint effort to analyse two files containing the same video clip but with one of them being processed by the DVD Ranger Cinavia module to remove this protection while the other file still was protected.

Cinavia prohibited

After spending several hours of time and extensive analysis of the two files, the team eventually managed to figure out how the Cinavia protection was actually broken. One of the team members even managed to improve the original method to have a slightly better audio quality on the unprotected file. Whilst DVD Ranger has allegedly been forced to cease development due legal action, the Myce development team already has a fully working solution.

The software is still in a beta phase and it’s currently Windows-only and limited to processing full Blu-Ray films that are not AACS protected. You will find tools for removing this protection in our Movie copy software forum.

The program is called Xifaivanic and can be downloaded here. The tool is currently only available for Windows but the developers are still heavily working on removing some bugs, documenting the routines and cleaning the sourcecode so they can eventually release the Cinavia removal code under LGPL for everyone to include it in their own projects or creating programs for different operating systems.

Xifaivanic is very easy to use. When started you just select a source and a target directory

Xifaivanic choose directory

Then you click on the Remove Cinavia button and Xifaivanic will start working

Xifaivanic processing Blu-Ray data

Cinavia removal may take a while – depending on the size of the source

Xifaivanic has finished processing Blu-Ray data

Xifaivanic has finished working. The files in your target directory can now be converted to any other format or burned directly to a Blu-ray disc.

And finally this is the result
Happy April's fools day

Thanks for 228 downloads and 31 actual attempts to remove the protection from your Blu-Rays.