Myce SSD Podcast episode 1 – An initial update on solid state

Myce SSD Podcast episode 1 – An initial update on solid state

Today we bring you the first episode of the Myce “SSD Podcast” in which we will discuss the latest developments in and around the solid-state device and storage industry.

This introductory show is hosted by our enterprise reviewer Jeremy Reynolds,  Jeremy is joined by guest Greg Schulz who is Founder and Senior Advisory Analyst of StorageIO (an Independent IT/ICT Advisory Consultancy firm).

Greg is also author of several books including Cloud and Virtual Data Storage Networking (CRC Press) that is on the Intel Recommend Reading List as well as a four-time VMware vEpert.


Together they are going to follow and discuss the SSD market and related technologies for us. They will provide their experts views and perspectives on the latest developments in and around solid-state hardware (and software) including hands on experiences.

In this first podcast they discuss Solid State Hybrid Disks (SSHDs), the state of NAND memory,  the market and SSD pricing.  One question remains after the podcast, will Greg (@storageio) convince Jeremy to get a Twitter account? Stay tuned!

You can listen to the podcast by the player below, subscribe to the podcast on our RSSFeed or do a direct download (8 MB).

More information about Greg Schulz and StorageIO can be found on his Blog ( and his newsletter here. Also on this website, you can find more videos and podcasts in which Greg is involved covering server, storage I/O, cloud, virtualization, SSD, backup and other related topics.