Myce user shows off movie collection – do you have a larger one?

We bet that some of you are movie fans, but probably not many of you own a room full of Blu-ray discs. Myce member Ryushin recently posted a video showing his movie collection and we thought it’s very impressive. His collection makes up a small room (he calls it a closet) and to add, he also has a large collection of TV shows and movies that are stored digitally.

The video above shows his entire collection which contains about 1800 to 2000 movies. On the top shelf there are DVDs, the rest are (Ultra HD) Blu-ray movies. All movies are converted and stored digitally using Plex and Serviio.

Ryushin posted his collection in our ‘What specs does your NAS have‘ thread in our Ultra HD Blu-ray forum. Initially Ryushin only posted his NAS setup, which he writes, is based on a, “Supermicro 4U 36Drive Chassis with two SAS3 Backplanes. Populated with 600GB-15Krpm, 4TB, and 8TB drives. Running Devuan (Debian) Linux and ZFS. Plex, Serviio, Apache, Postfix, Cyrus, etc.”


This setup currently holds nearly 13,000 movies and TV shows and lower resolution versions of HD movies he owns, which he uses to watch movies on mobile devices. Encoding of the movies is done with other servers, Ryushin explains, “two Dell R710 and a 48 core AMD Opteron (256GB RAM) beast that are used to encode my movies and TV shows using mostly Ripbot264 and Handbrake.”

You can imagine that Ryushin watches a lot of movies and he and his wife therefore decided to cut the cord.They no longer pay for a TV subscription, instead the money goes to buying movies.

Do you have a bigger collection, or a more impressive setup? Let us known on the forum in our ‘What specs does your NAS have‘ thread!