Mylio Photo Storage Offers Holiday Promos

Photo hosting service Mylio recently announced a promotional offer for their customers. Business Wire said that people who subscribe to Mylio Premium will be able to get “more for less.”

The holiday offer is for Mylio Premium. This tier offers unlimited photo storage and RAW image editing. Users can access this service using unlimited devices for only $9.99 per month. For one year, subscribers can access the service with little to no restrictions for $99.

The company has been previously offering Mylio Free, which lets users store up to 25,000 photos with access to image editing features. Subscribers of this tier can use the service over three devices without any fees.

According to Business Wire, this “more-for-less” pricing is $150 cheaper than old pricing plans. The new plan also offers more flexibility, especially in the current market and social trends.

The report cited InfoTrends’ data showing that photography has been continually gaining ground over the past years. Statistics predict that by 2020, over 1.44 trillion photographs will be taken through digital means. On the other hand, 7.38 trillion will be stored.


Mylio Photo Storage

The report noted that while studies can show the growing number of people taking photos and the immense number of photos taken, they cannot capture the “frustration” of disorganization due to the accumulating number of digital photographs.

Mylio CEO David Vaskevitch emphasized the importance of an organized, efficient and unrestricted photo storage service. he said, “The holidays are a time when we take photos that we want to re-experience again and again.” However, with the number of devices, websites, and cameras sued by many, these pictures tend to get lost in the mix.

Vaskevitch said that Mylio offers a “risk-free” experience through the Free plan. This is why the platform is seen as the perfect companion gift for people buying a new personal computer or smartphone.


The service lets users synchronize their devices so that they can access content taken using a different device. Moreover, it lets customers save storage space by taking up only a fraction of the space. The editing tool is also deemed useful as it lets users edit photographs even offline.

Mylio also noted photo management as its most important strength, making it preferable for many individuals. It helps users manage their content by keeping folders and facial recognition. According to Vaskevitch, “Premium provides the easiest way to re-experience every photo forever.”