Mysterious Cienoway: ‘FBI searched my house for Cinavia method’

User Cienoway, who mysteriously popped up on our forum with a method to defeat Cinavia, claims his house has been searched by the FBI. He joined our forum in November 2013 and in his first post he claimed to have a fairly simple solution to defeat the Blu-ray copy protection Cinavia. Since then he continued to post, proofed his method worked to our resident Cinavia chaser Macrovision3500 and then all of a sudden disappeared in January this year.


Today he started a new thread with the title, “BREAKING FBI Searched Verance Former Employee Home“. In the accompanying post he states he’s a former Verance employee and that his house has been searched and his computer seized by the FBI. He also writes he has fully cooperated and has not been arrested or indicted and is allowed to speak openly about the investigation.

The FBI would be interested in him for allegedly leaking of trade secrets, as Cienoway writes, ” Since Cienoway[sic] claimed to have worked with Verance before fired, many people would naturally suspect that the method could be based on stolen Verance trade secret.”

He fully denies he has used any trade secret but that his method could be developed by “any reasonable smart person.”

According to Cienoway he has also demonstrated his code to Verance and  claims the company was aware of his method. Therefore they should know he did not use any of their trade secrets. Interestingly he also claims he has improved his method in such a way that he’s able to remove Cinavia without, “virtually no noticeable audio artifacts.”

In the end he states to have developed knowledge of better ways of watermarking and that he wants to monetize his knowhow. He seems to be interested in assisting companies in improving their copy protections, but also continues to be interested in selling his Cinavia removal method to companies that are interested. This could mean selling his method to known Blu-ray copy software developers like DVDFab or Slysoft.

He ends his post with,  “My method is my intellectual property which is extremely valuable. I do not give out my property for free. I have not disclosed my method to any third party thus far and have no intention to release the method publicly and freely. I am still seeking proper way to disclose it legally and with my property right fully protected. ”

Read his entire post here.