Mysterious user posts more info on Cinavia fix – gets visited by police

Mysterious user posts more info on Cinavia fix – gets visited by police

The mysterious user claiming to come with an easy fix for the Blu-ray copy protection Cinavia posted more information on our forum today. Yesterday we reported about his posts on Videohelp and Club Myce and today he posted additional information. The nickname by with the mysterious user is known is ‘Cienoway‘  and in a new forum post he writes, ” A small, no, tiny command line program was send to Verance to confirm that it works to remove Cinavia cleanly”.


If the claim is true than Verance, the developers of Cinavia, are not impressed as Cienoway writes, “They refused to acknowledge if it works or not. You would thought that if it does not work, they can come back to laugh at me, and ask me to send to the hacker community to confirm that it does not work.  So what does it tell you when there is deafening silence. I called and still can not get a specific yes or no answer whether it works. So at this point I don’t know and I do not need to know how their tests go. I know with confidence it works, just MHO [My Honest Opinion]. I have to move slowly and very carefully, make sure everything is legal.”

The legal part is an important issue. It would be likely that any Verance employee would have signed a nondisclosure agreement  (NDA) which would not allow any employee or former employee to disclose any information on the technology developed by the company. Breaking the contract usually means paying a big fine that would normally ruin someone’s financial situation. This also seems to be the main concern for Cienoway.

In another post he writes something more absurd, as he posts, “After a conversation with a Verance officer yesterday, within 15 minutes two fully armed police officers showed up at my door, to “check” to make sure I am OK. I told them I am OK, I had a little dispute with Verance, and everything will be legal and peacefully. Officers left feeling happy for me. Nice trial of intimidation. It does not work.  Once again, I have no desire to leak any secret Verance information or do anything illegally. I also emphasized this point to Verance. Everything will be legal. But you can break a technology legally if there is inherent vulnerability to begin with. Verance begged me not to harm them. That I can not promise. I can only promise them that I will NOT harm them in any illegal means, but only in legal ways.”

After an encouraging post of our Administrator alan1476 stating to give him the benefit of doubt,  he goes on to write, “Yes I am in contact with Verance to consult with them. I need to find out the best way to embarrass them, legally, without breaking any law. It’s fun. The fun part is how to do it perfectly legally. Some times, most times that can not be done. But here is a rare case it can be done. See how Muddy Water conduct their business legally?”

In his last post he explains about more about the method that should remove Cinavia and possibly other audio watermarks.

Cienoways explains, “One more thing I want to add, before I go to bed. Some one from Verance reading this forum better pass it to Verance. The method I am going to propose to defeat Cinavia, is NOT even targeting Cinavia specifically. It is very general, very generic, very simple, and totally does not degrade audio quality at all, and may even IMPROVE the music quality.  And it will also most likely be effective against FUTURE generations of audio watermark and remove them effectively, without me even knowing what future audio watermark looks like. Put it another way, the idea is so simple and fundamental, it practically pronounces the END of the audio watermarking industry for good”.

He continues with, “This is why I am not worried about DMCA or that they may sue me for leaking company secret. Because none of that needs to be involved. It is like applying a vacuum cleaner on a sidewalk. There are ants and insects hiding on the sidewalk. You don’t even notice that they were there. But they are sucked clean. and the whole intention was to clean the sidewalk to make it look more beautiful, not to kill insect. So you can not charge with a crime to deliberately kill the insect when I am just trying to make my sidewalk look better. It is that good”.

We want to underline that we have no way to verify the information and we have no idea if the information posted is true. Cienoway understands that we might be skeptical as he writes, ” You don’t believe me? Well, when Verance begs for mercy you will believe it. Want a little bit more hint? Think about how to remove real watermarks on real dollar bills. It’s not that hard is it?’.

He ends his last post with, “I think I give too much hint already here.”

Before we know more we’ll have to wait till Cienoway wakes up and provides more information. We wait in anticipation and we’re sure the rest of the community is curious to say at least.

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Stay tuned as we continue to follow this story and see how it unfolds.