Nasuni Corporation and Google Establish New Cloud File Storage Collaboration

Nasuni Corporation, a leading cloud file storage company, has reported that it has established a strategic partnership with Google Cloud to meet the increasing need for easy, secure, and low-cost enterprise file storage.

Nasuni is introducing to the market a modern enterprise cloud file storage that integrates the object storage economics of Google Cloud with the cloud-native global file system of Nasuni.

Nasuni’s new approach offers low-cost primary file storage for enterprise customers looking to modernize their on-site file servers and infrastructures for network-attached storage (NAS).

Nasuni Corporation and Google Collaboration

The benefits of Nasuni and Google Cloud collaboration offer high-performance primary file storage, synchronization of multi-site files, disaster recovery (DR), backup, and edge caching. Besides, it will sum up to 70% less than traditional file infrastructures.

Manvinder Singh, Director of Google Cloud Partnerships said, “We’re delighted that Nasuni will deploy its solutions for cost-effective and agile file storage on Google Cloud.”

“Bringing their cloud-native solution to Google Cloud enables customers to deploy file storage as-a-service on our scalable, global, and secure infrastructure, with simplified procurement and billing via the Google Cloud Marketplace,” he added.

Nasuni said that, compared to refreshing their traditional on-site storage systems, customers would be able to recognize substantial cost savings with the service, and can do so without compromising performance.

Customers would also benefit from better access, such as data analytics and artificial intelligence software, to Google platforms, which enable them to work on their data.

Paul Flanagan, Nasuni’s CEO said, “As companies move data to the cloud for simpler management, better resiliency and cost savings, they will be able to retire overhead technologies previously needed to protect their file investments.”

He added, “Nasuni’s simpler, cost-effective solution on top of Google Cloud delivers the on-demand file access, flexibility, built-in backup and file sharing that today’s distributed workforce needs.”

Andrew Smith, International Data Corp., Research Manager said that although the cloud has advanced like most information technology services, due to its complexity and expense, file storage has been left behind.

But Smith said that it is evident with Nasuni’s offering that the trends in the industry are changing now. “The new partnership between Nasuni and Google Cloud is significant, as it is designed to address evolving customer expectations for cloud storage,” he said.

Nasuni’s new partnership with GCP makes the company one of Google’s stable third-party partner solutions being sold. Currently, Nasuni is listed in Google Cloud Platform, Azure, and AWS marketplaces.