Navistar International Reports Cyber Attack On Its IT System

After a cybersecurity breach detected on May 20, 2021, Navistar International Corporation, a producer of military vehicles and commercial trucks in the US, reports that unidentified attackers stole data from its network.

On Monday, the corporation filed an 8-K report with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to reveal the cyber attack incident.

Despite the data breach, Navistar claims that its operations are unaffected since its IT systems are completely functional. In addition, the corporation made several steps to lessen the impact of the security compromise in May.

Navistar International Reports Cyber Attack

According to Navistar’s SEC report, the company started an investigation and took prompt measures to comply with its response strategy on cybersecurity following discovering of the cyber attack.

The company used containment procedures to reduce the impact of a possible attack. Moreover, it enlisted internal and third-party IT security and forensics professionals to examine any effect on its IT system.

It also implemented extra security measures to assist in the protection of the integrity of the data and infrastructure of the IT system.

Meanwhile, Navistar acquired a notification that some of the company’s data had been taken from its IT system on May 31.

When questioned if the data breach claim Navistar obtained had a certain ransom demand, a Navistar representative informed that the investigation is still underway. The company has no additional details to provide during that moment.

The company is in communication with federal law enforcement, said the representative. Navistar has taken preventative efforts to assist in limiting the possible damage.

The above measures are ongoing as Navistar continues to examine and resolve the scale and effects of the cybersecurity issue with the help of third-party professionals.

Although the SEC report of Navistar did not indicate ransomware, there is a large probability that it has. It is because more than 2 dozen ransomware activities have been known to steal information from targets.

The stolen data will be used as a way to pressure them to pay the ransom demand. The company will be threatened by publicly exposing its hacked information on specialized dark web leak websites via other methods.

Navistar is a major manufacturer that produces commercial trucks, proprietary engines, military vehicles, and school buses through its affiliates and subsidiaries.

The corporation is currently working on a merger with Traton SE, a subsidiary of Volkswagen and one of the leading commercial automakers, which operates the Scania and MAN truck brands.