Nero announces Nero Platinum 2019 multimedia suite

Nero has announced the 2019 version of its multimedia suite, Nero Platinum. Nero Platinum 2019 brings several new or revamped features such as the DriveSpan app, Nero Start, Nero KnowHow Plus and Live Guide, 1-Click Video Story, MediaHome, Duplicate Manager and Life Themes Pro.

Nero announces Nero Platinum 2019 multimedia suite

Every year Nero releases a new version of its Nero package that comes with a load of tools for creation, sharing, editing and managing multimedia content such as photos, videos and music. The company Nero was once known as Ahead Software and started with Nero Burning ROM. An application that was bundled with the majority of optical disc drives sold in the CD/DVD era. Nero Burning ROM still exists, is part of Nero Platinum, but can also be purchased separately.

With Nero Platinum 2019, the company introduces several new features. One of them is DriveSpan, which makes it possible to store all the data on your PC, external storage media and drives, your mobile devices, or data in your cloud to one central, duplicate free location such as a PC, external disk, NAS device, or in the cloud.

Nero Start has its design revamped which according to Nero should make it easier to use the suite. Also, Nero KnowHow Plus and Live Guide should make Nero easier to use by providing context sensitive help and provides FAQs, manual pages and video tutorials.

With Nero Video: 1-Click Video Story it’s possible to easily create movies and slideshows.  Dragging and dropping photos and videos into the application and clicking the 1-Click Video Story button will automatically create a video complete with intro and outro sequence, effects, captions and matching music.

Nero 2019 Nero MediaHome makes it possible to access OneDrive online files on demand and individually download them when needed.  This should save storage capacity on the PC while having photos, videos, movies, TV Shows and music available anytime via download in Nero MediaHome.

Another new feature is part of Nero Recode and is called Convert to Disc-compatible Formats. With this feature it’s possible to transcode non-compliant video files to fully compatible videodisc file formats prior to importing them into videodisc projects (DVD-Video,  AVCHD, Blu-ray Disc). After conversion, the files can be edited or authored in  Nero Video. Time needed for rendering and burning a videodisc in Nero Video can be drastically reduced by utilizing Nero SmartEncoding.

Also, new is  Nero DuplicateManager Photo: Find & Remove Similar Images, which can find similar images and automatically sort them into categories of similarity types: Places, Series, Motive, Resized, Format, Other. The overview should assist in deciding which images are duplicates and can be deleted which should save storage capacity. Removing duplicates also makes the index feature of Nero Mediahome faster.

Nero Platinum 2019  also comes with a complete new package of movie themes and videodisc menus. It also includes a new set of vertical video themes for editing, exporting and sharing a 9:16 vertical video on the smartphone. The pack also includes royalty-free music which can be used in video projects. The Nero LifeThemes Pro templates consist of motives such as Cities, Landscapes, Pets, Wild Animals, and Nostalgic Themes.

Also, part of the Nero Platinum 2019 suite is Nero Record which can now also convert 4K to disc-compatible formats. The new Disc-compatible profiles are for users with lower end hardware who still want to utilize 4K source video for editing and exporting to Full HD or Blu-ray Discs. When transcoding from 4K to Full HD before sending the video files to Nero Video, also lower performing systems will work more effectively, according to Nero.

Nero BackItUp also got new features, the application is now able to make and restore online backups on OneDrive and Google Drive.

Last, Nero also has several apps that can be freely downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, these are, “DriveSpan App”, “Nero Streaming Player App”, “Wi-Fi + Transfer App”, “Nero Receiver App”, “Nero AirBurn App”, “Nero KnowHow App”.

Nero 2019 Platinum is now available for $42.95 instead of the regular price of $129.95 / €89.95. However, that is for a yearly subscription that is automatically renewed. It’s currently also possible to purchase Nero 2019 Platinum for a one time at $94.95 (full version: €79,95 / upgrade: €69,95). This will likely be a time-limited offer.

There’s also Nero Standard 2019 which contains Nero Video, Nero MediaHome, Nero Record and Nero Burning ROM. A full version is currently temporarily available at $84.95 (€ 69,95)  instead of the regular $94.95 / €79.95. An upgrade is available at $64.95 /€ 54,95.