NetApp Announces Keystone Program For Flexible Multi-Cloud Solutions


In the age of digital innovation, data management vendor NetApp announced in a user event in Las Vegas, a new hybrid and multi-cloud solutions, Keystone.

Keystone is positioned as a program that ‘reinvents the customer experience’ when it comes to data storage. The program lets customers mix and match purchases and subscription methods in a safe environment.


Addressing security in the new program, NetApp wishes to help businesses cope with security concerns over customer’s cloud systems. With the increasingly data-driven world, the data management vendor provides an agile program designed for real-time storage and changes.

NetApp Keystone Program

The reinvention of Customer Experience

Greater flexibility and choice are the two highlights of the Keystone program. It minimizes the complexity of purchases and subscription methods. Moreover, it simplifies the ownership experience plus modernizes the information technology systems.


Keystone is a major shift for companies who wish to align their systems better with cloud technology. Moreover, ripping and replacing infrastructure is possible with the Keystone program.

“We make it easy to buy, easy to consume, and easy to operate data services on-premises and in the major clouds. And we give you the flexibility of the business model that you’re looking for: metered utilities, subscriptions or capital purchases,” said NetApp CEO George Kurian.

Kurian also emphasized how the data-centric era makes it harder for companies to understand their customers. “Understand and tailor both their offerings as well as their business models to the needs of their customers,” said Kurian.

As NetApp shifts to subscription billing, clients can enjoy storage gears and services for a fraction of a cost. All other NetApp services will be available under the Keystone program.

NetApp also introduces new systems such as A400, FAS8300, and FAS8700. These services can be obtained in the public cloud available on Azure, AWS, and GCP. The utility pricing offered comes with zero commitment, according to NetApp.

The data management vendor ensures that the process of availing the Keystone program only involves simple steps. First, customers can choose from three performance tiers, then storage types until finally the management style.

The Keystone program also supports the migration of workloads to the cloud system into a public one.

“In today’s environment, the cloud sets the benchmark for customer experience. We’ve built and delivered the data fabric strategy to simplify and modernize our customer’s data centers and enable success in the hybrid cloud era,” said Kurian.