Netflix brings 4K / Ultra HD streaming to Windows 10 but requires Edge and Kaby Lake

Netflix will make streaming of movies and series in Ultra HD / 4K available for Windows 10. However, users need a computer with the latest generation Intel CPU, a 4K display and are limited to the Edge browser to view the content.


It’s for the first time 4K content is available on computers. Previously it was only possible to view content in such a high resolution on some TVs, set top boxes or consoles.

In order to view the content on the PC, users need a Netflix  Premium subscription (which is the only plan with Ultra HD support), a computer with a Kaby Lake generation CPU and a 4K display. Besides that, they also need to use Microsoft’s Edge browser, as it’s the only browser that (currently?) supports Netflix 4K content.


Why Netflix streaming in 4K on the PC requires Edge is unclear, but Microsoft uses the opportunity to underline again how Edge has a better battery life than Chrome as it states, “When streaming Netflix on Microsoft Edge you can get through at least one more full episode of Gilmore Girls than when streaming on Chrome on battery”, which the company previously also claimed in popups shown to Chrome users in Windows 10 and which refer to tests performed by the company.

Microsoft adds however that “Battery life varies significantly with settings and other factors”.

The requirement of Intel’s Kaby Lake generation CPU is likely because the CPU has better DRM features than its predecessors.