Netflix consumes up to 40% of all internet traffic in Americas at peak times

Posted 05 October 2018 23:56 CET by Jan Willem Aldershoff

Almost 60% of all global internet traffic is generated by video streaming. Netflix is responsible for the largest share, according to the biannual Global Internet Phenomena Report of the Canadian network supplier Sandvine. Netflix alone accounts for nearly 15% of the global internet traffic.

Netflix is followed by HTTP media streams, which generate 13.4% of all traffic, followed by YouTube with a share of 11.4%. Web browsing takes up 7.8% of the global internet bandwidth consumption, and 4.8% of the global  traffic is consumed by MPEG transport streams. Combined, all video streaming consumes 57.7% of all the global bandwidth.

Netflix consumes above average bandwidth in North and South America, where they account for 19.1%. Amazon Prime Video is second with 7.7% and YouTube generates 7.5% of the traffic in both Americas. At peak times, Netflix consumes up to 40% of the bandwidth in North America and South America, despite the company’s effective video compression algorithms.

In Europe, Youtube is the most popular video streaming website where it consumes 30.39% of the internet traffic, followed by Netflix with 23.1%.

For the report, Sandvine analyzed traffic from 150 ISPs around the world, which together are good for 2.1 billion subscribers. Sandvine does note that it didn’t take in account data from China and India.

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