Netflix now blocks nearly all major proxy and VPN providers

Netflix has started to block even more known proxy and VPN providers than before. Users around the world report they receive error M7111-1331-5059 when trying to watch Netflix content through a proxy or VPN connection. The video streaming service blocks proxies and VPNs to please copyright holders. They only allow Netflix to stream content to countries for which it purchased a license.


The streaming movie service prefers to offer its entire collection to its users worldwide. However restrictions of copyright holders don’t allow this. They can generate more revenue by licensing their content per country instead of a selling one worldwide license.

This results in content that is only available in certain countries. This also makes that Netflix is unable to provide its service in some countries because it’s too expensive. For Netflix users it means they sometimes don’t have access to the content they want to see because it’s not available in their country. Therefore they use proxies and VPN providers which make it possible to view content of another region.

Although Netflix itself wasn’t too worried about users who paid their subscription and then used a VPN or proxy to watch content of another country, the copyright holders are. They wanted Netflix to take measures to make this no longer possible.

The company now blocks most well-known proxy and VPN providers. TorrentFreak reports that users who try to watch Netflix content through one of these well-known providers are presented with error M7111-1331-5059 and a notice that it’s not possible to watch Netflix using a proxy or VPN.

Users that use lesser known proxy and VPN providers can continue to watch Netflix content from another region, until the service finds out about them and blocks them too.