Netflix to begin European rollout in Britain & Spain early next year

It’s been a long-time coming, but Netflix finally seems poised to cross the Atlantic. That is, if you trust anonymous insider sources and a Spanish entertainment industry president. And why shouldn’t you?

Netflix to begin European rollout in Britain & Spain early next year

The LA Times business blog, citing those infamous and ubiquitous “people briefed on the matter” who just love spilling the beans on top-secret plans, reported that Britain and Spain will receive Netflix in the first six months of 2012. Other countries in consideration for future expansion include the Netherlands, Belgium and South Korea.

Though no other details were coaxed from the unknown sources, it’s safe to assume the two countries (and those that follow) will only have access to instant streaming content.

Box office news and review site Screen Daily quoted Pedro Perez, FAPAE President, who didn’t mind going on record. Perez disclosed that his country’s film industry and Netflix have already discussed the plan. He voiced optimism about the service reaching Spain, pointing out the company’s success in the United States and Canada.

Netflix now boasts over 25 million subscribers, including 1 million Canadian members since it launched in the country last fall. Similar growth is expected when the company’s instant streaming service hits 43 Latin American and Caribbean countries later this year. However, some analysts worry that the soon-to-be-implemented price increase could alienate long-time members domestically and cause a considerable number of cancellations. Others believe it’s just angry talk, and that subscribers aren’t going anywhere.

Last month Netflix announced it would jack up the price for current members on September 1st. The unlimited streaming and DVD rental combo was split up into two distinct offers. Those who still wanted the best of both worlds could do so, but at a higher price: $15.98 per month. The former cost for the package was $9.99 per month.

Are you a Brit or Spaniard? Will you sign up for Netflix when it comes to your country? Let us know in the comment section.