New Asus mobile devices come with pre-installed Adblock Plus that’s switched on by default

Asus will integrate an adblocker in its own browser. The renewed Asus Browser will be pre-installed on all new mobile devices of the Taiwanese electronics giant. The adblock technology will be provided by Adblock Plus and will be switched on by default.


It’s estimated that about 15 million users browse the web with the Asus Browser. It’s for the first time that Adblock Plus cooperates with a hardware manufacturer to have its software installed by default.

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Adblock Plus develops adblock software that allows users to block advertisements on websites. According to the developer their software lowers the risk of downloading malicious software as this is often distributed by advertisements.

Adblockers are actually an increasing annoyance for web publishers who need the revenues generated by advertisements. Because the advertisements aren’t shown, advertisers also don’t pay for them with results in a loss of revenue for website owners.

Therefore websites have started to experiment with technology that blocks users that use an adblocker or that asks them to whitelist the site. Adblock Plus doesn’t see any harm in using adblockers. The cooperation with Asus is according to them, ‘another call for innovation in the ad industry—a call getting louder by the day’.