New DeUHD introduces increased ripping speed – Arusoft to sell hardware bundle

Arusoft today released a new version of its DeUHD Ultra HD Blu-ray ripping software that introduces the last week announced ‘amazing’ speed improvement. First reports indicate the company succeeded in increasing ripping speed more than 3 times. The company also told us it plans to sell bundles of Ultra HD Blu-ray drives with its software.

New DeUHD introduces increased ripping speed - Arusoft to sell hardware bundle

DeUHD so far follows a weekly update cycle, where a new version is released each Monday. Today is no exception and marked the release of the fifth iteration of the software, bringing the version number to

Ripping speed improvement

We already wrote about an important improvement of this version last week. Arusoft promised it would increase the speed of ripping Ultra HD Blu-ray discs with DeUHD. A first report on our DeUHD forum indicates that the company indeed succeeded to drastically improve ripping speed.

User jmone1 reports he ripped a disc with 14MB/s, where previous versions of DeUHD usually saw ripping speeds of about 4MB/s. According to jmone1 he was now able to rip an entire disc is about an hour. User Balthazar2k4 confirms the numbers, he was able to rip a movie with 13MB/s, the entire rip took him just over an hour.

Besides the ripping speed improvement, also support for new Ultra HD Blu-ray movies was added. Here is the full change log of today’s release: 10/30/2017

  • Support some new discs, check the details from
  • Speed up the rip speed.
  • Solved the problem that cannot register with some email format.
  • To install the new version, you need to uninstall the old version and restart your computer first.

The company stresses that it’s important to uninstall all older versions of DeUHD and then rebooting the PC before installing version

While DeUHD has proven to work well for many users, there are two ongoing issues with the software.  The first is the support for all specific versions of Ultra HD Blu-ray movies. Users frequently report that the software fails to try to rip movies that are on DeUHD’s supported movie list. While we’re not 100% sure why, it seems movie studios do release different discs (read: with different AACS keys) while keeping the same UPC code.

User Balthazar2k4 keeps a list which should provide some more guidance on what movies were successfully ripped and which not.

DeUHD + Ultra HD Blu-ray Drive bundle

Another issue is the support of Ultra HD Blu-ray drives by DeUHD. Arusoft told us that to solve this issue it plans to sell bundles of DeUHD combined with Ultra HD Blu-ray drives that are tested and guaranteed to work with each other.

Download DeUHD

Want to try for yourself how fast DeUHD has become? Download DeUHD (10.8MB – Virustotal results). DeUHD has a free trial period that allows decrypting 3 discs and playback for 10 minutes.

Want to see how it works for others or need support? Drop by in our DeUHD Forum.