New Facebook feature tries to get more intimate personal details from users

Posted 06 December 2017 23:24 CET by Jan Willem Aldershoff

To learn more about its users, Facebook now tries to get to know them better even more, by asking users casual questions about themselves. The new feature “Did you know” should reveal your dreams, secrets and feelings to your friends on the social network.

Facebook uses technology developed by TBH which it acquired in October this year. Using the technology the social network hopes to get more personal information about users that now, in general, less often post status updates.

The “Did you know” feature asks users questions like “The superpower I want most is…”, “My biggest inspiration in life is…”, “I want to be stuck in an elevator with…”. It’s possible the questions become more personal over time.

The TBH app, before the company was acquired by Facebook, asked mostly questions based on characteristics of friends or family members. Users could fill in a poll anonymously about other users after which the person chosen in the poll received a notification. The notification was partly anonymous, it didn’t contain the user’s name, but did include their grade and gender, combined with two characteristics the user could pick.

Where the TBH  app asked users to talk about other users, Facebook now uses the reverse, it asks users to share more about themselves. As Facebook tries to know as much as possible from its users to make advertisements as targeted as possible, it might be a feature to skip if you care about your privacy.


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