New Fuji 3D camera with 3D HD video launches next month

Fuji plans to launch the FinePix REAL 3D W3 digital camera next month while the Japanese electronics company continues to introduce new 3D products.

The latest version of the FinePix 3D camera not only captures still images in 3D, it also includes the ability to record 3D high definition video — an added ability that many W1 owners wanted in the newest model.

New Fuji 3D camera with 3D HD video launches next month

Fuji increased the camera’s screen size from 2.8-inches on the W1 up to 3.5-inches for the W3, with native 3D image viewing available.  The company also elected to use the same autostereoscopic 3D LCD display so camera owners won’t have to wear 3D glasses.  The LCD is 1.5 times brighter and its color depth has been greatly improved, according to Fuji, with the company trying to fix the W1‘s admitted flaws.

The camera is expected to launch for around $499 next month. American Museum of Natural History musuem guests recently had the chance to test out the camera with a special sneak preview.  Although everyone reportedly had fun using the camera, there are still some issues that must be disclosed.

As noted in the blog post, a 3DTV or PC with 3D support can be used to view the videos.  One blogger had issues viewing the camera’s 3D images, although all the 2D images saved as standard JPEG’s could be viewed with no problems.

Manufacturers have expressed interest in the 3D digital camera market, but very few pocket-sized 3D cameras have been released so far.  Sony announced its interest in 3D digital cameras in early 2010, when the company also announced plans for 3DTVs and 3D Blu-ray players.  Sony is placing it’s bets on its Cyber-shot DSC-TX9 and DSC-WX5 3D digital cameras that it is now promoting.