New homepage design


If you’re a daily browser of our homepage, you have already seen we changed the layout today. Together with several community members, loads of feedback in the forums and many support e-mails we made some changes to the previous design New homepage design . The most important change is that you can now see more content above the fold (so the first things you see, without scrolling), giving an easy access to the latest things posted on the community.



The new design includes:

  • A list of the latest headlines. We will include news items, reviews, FAQs and ‘Dictionary’ items here. The news items and the reviews now also show the number of reactions.
  • Product of the day. Every day our team picks a new product for the spotlight position, giving you something fresh and new to discover every day. It might be a product you alreay have (be sure to write a user review about it then!) or it might be a product which is interesting enough to take a look at.
  • A poll. You might have seen it popping up the last couple of days in the forums, but we have re-added the poll to the community. You can now vote on what you would like from Santa, but we will change this poll frequently, offering you a glance of what our community members think! Ideas are always welcome, so let us know if you like an opinion New homepage design
  • (User) Reviews. We list the latest two reviews written by our community experts, but also list the latest user reviews written by all our community members. Yes – everyone can now give their own opinion of every product in our database (over 100.000!) to inform other members of the quality of the products you own.

We still like to change a few things, but together with our developers jochem2007 and Erpenator, we decided to already go live with the current version because of the upcoming Christmas days. We will be enjoying some days off, but continue to improve the community next year New homepage design

Be sure to let us know what you think of the new design! Happy browsing.