New illegal Windows 8 activation server(s) popping up

Recently we reported about the Belarus customs running a Key Management Server (KMS) which allowed numerous of illegal Windows 8 RTM downloaders to activate their copy. Today another server has popped up, this time it seems a server that was deliberately created to allow illegal copies to activate. The server is running on an IPv6 address which makes it harder to trace. On forums hundreds of users have confirmed that the server is working and that they have succesfully activated their illegal Windows 8 RTM version.

New illegal Windows 8 activation server(s) popping up

The server has the expected port 1688 open which is used by KMS servers to receive connections and is surprisingly still online and seems to have been online for more than 24 hours already. It will exciting to see if hackers have hacked the actual KMS servers or that the activation is done by an actual KMS server that is setup somewhere without the authorization of Microsoft. Users who activated the Windows 8 RTM version will only have fun for 180 days. Windows 8 is said to connect every 30 days to a KMS server to check if it’s still valid. If it can’t connect, it will try up to 6 times before it marks itselfs as invalid activated.

Here is an image which should help you finding instructions for activating yourself. (posting actual instructions now allowed, the image should avoid getting picked up by automated process that report illegal material)

Update: New methods of activation pop up with leaked Multiple Activation Keys

Update #2: Also read our instructions on how to upgrade Windows 8 Customer Preview and Release Candidated to Windows 8 RTM