New iPad generation 2 rumors, plus our wish list

The iPad launch had its fair share of hiccups, but nothing so catastrophic as to demoralize folks excited for the next iteration of Apple’s new star. And if new reports about next year’s model hold true, even those who lined up to buy an iPad on day one may feel compelled to do it again.

New iPad generation 2 rumors, plus our wish list got wind of some features believed to be included in the next iPad model due out next year. If the information pans out, expect it to be both slimmer and lighter than the current version, contain a mini-USB port and offer amateur photographers the pleasure of awkward picture-taking via a built-in camera. The report itself quashed the rumor of a mini-iPad with a 7-inch screen – at least for now.

While the cosmetic improvements and camera are nice, it makes us wonder what other additions are in store. Here are a few other additions we’re hoping for.

1) Front and back cameras

It will likely have at least one camera, but double that and we’re sold…again. If we had to choose one, we’d opt for the front facing camera.

2) SD card reader

Sure, there are options out there if you want to share pictures with your iPad, but why not build this into the product and save us the headache (and cash)?

3) Webcam functionality

Chatting with friends online via the iPad’s glorious screen sounds great. Then again, they’d see our every brow furrow, earned from worrying about how much money Steve Jobs will get from our wallets this time. Skype and FaceTime on an iPad anyone?

4) Fix the glare

This is the sort of thing that should have been figured out prior to the original’s release, but better late than never.

5) More iPad exclusive apps

Part of the apps allure is that they work across all iDevices. However, we wouldn’t complain if the new iPad ushered in more exclusive apps that took greater advantage of the tablet’s functionality.

6) HDMI output

Everybody is spoiled by high-definition content now. Don’t make us throw a conniption, Apple.

7) A USB port

This was part of the rumors, but we hope that it’s true! Who wants to mess with a stinking docking station or an adapter? Give us a USB port Apple!

What do you hope the next iPad offers? Let us know.