New Sharp Blu-ray recorders support quad-layer 128GB discs

Sharp Corporation announced today that they will soon release two new Aquos Blu-ray recorders with BDXL support, along with a triple-layer 100GB capacity disc.

The BDXL format, developed by Pioneer, is new to the Blu-ray market, and allows for multi-layer recording for larger capacity discs. The Aquos players will be the first in the world to support BDXL recording and playback.

New Sharp Blu-ray recorders support quad-layer 128GB discs

In addition to supporting their triple-layer Blu-ray discs, the new Sharp recorders have the technology to record quad-layer 128GB capacity discs. Though quad-layer discs are not yet available, this is a good sign that they are coming soon. Until today, Blu-ray recording capacity was limited to 50GB on dual-layer discs.

This cutting-edge Blu-ray technology doesn’t come cheap. The BD-HDW700, featuring a 2TB internal hard drive will retail for $3500 USD. If that’s a bit too pricey for you, the 1TB BD-HDW70 will be a bit more affordable at $2300. The VR-100BR1 100GB BDXL discs, which have the capacity to record approximately 12 hours of HD terrestrial television programming, will be priced at $58. The new high-capacity discs do not have re-write capability yet, but are reported to be currently in development.

Japan will be the first county to receive the advanced Aquos Blu-ray recorders and discs, which will begin shipping on July 30th. Complete specs for both models are available at

While the technology advances surrounding these new products are definitely impressive, they will likely not be of interest to the mainstream market until prices are a lot lower. These particular recorders might not even show up in other markets, as set top recorders are a much more popular product in Japan than other parts of the world.