New TDK headphones offer premium Quality

As any mobile person on this planet, you want your music to be enjoyable anywhere and anytime. However, you – as an avid audio lover – would like more. Then, try the latest premium headphones coming from TDK Life on Record. The premium line includes wireless headphones for those who prefer tangle-free sound, as well as in-ear headphones for the old school wire believers.

TDK LoR WR700 Wireless Headphones

The TDK LoR WR700 offers 2 unique characteristics. First, it’s wireless. Secondly, it features the Kleer lossless wireless audio technology that offers uncompressed digital audio in CD quality. The combination of both enables you to enjoy on-the-move luscious sound without wires limitations. Simply plug the headphones’ transmitter into your audio device, and the high fidelity stereo sound will follow wherever you go.

The TDK LoR WR700 has dynamic channel selection, which eliminates the sound “drops” during use. Moreover, the headphones have ultra-low power consumption. You need just 4 AAA batteries -2 in the transmitter unit and 2 in the headphones- to enjoy from 30 up to 40 hours of musical delight.

New TDK headphones offer premium Quality

The headset is compatible with all media devices using a 3.5mm headphone port and is available at a suggested retail price of € 199,90.

EB900 In-Ear Headphones

TDK LoR EB900 In-Ear Headphones takes comfort into the equation by featuring the Comply foam tips. The foam tips create an in-ear seal to block ambient noise and reduce audio leakage. Moreover, the headphones include 3 extra sizes of silicon tips to ensure a comfortable fit in your ears for extended use. Available for a suggested retail price of € 59,90, the EB900 are complemented with braided cable that minimizes the problem of tangles and adds an upscale look and feel to your musical enjoyment.

MC300 In-Ear Headphones

The TDK LoR MC300 headphones provide clear and full deep bass sound with sound isolation to entertain your perceptive senses. Their contoured soft silicone tips that come in 3 different sizes enable you to personalize your comfortable fit during outdoor or indoor activities. The MC300’s vibrant color options of blue, red and grey metal will match the headphones with your mood and personality and is available at the retail price of € 24,90.

“Designed to mix superior sound fidelity and contemporary design, the TDK Life on Record new product line of premium headphones and earphones is specially created to deliver accurate audio reproduction for the enjoyment of every sound in music today.” said Matthieu Valk, EMEA Communication Manager Imation Corp.