New Version of Privacera Platform offers Secure Data Sharing


Cloud data company Privacera revealed that it will be releasing a new version of its Privacera Platform, said PR Newswire. It uses the Apache Ranger architecture to integrate its services with Databricks, a big data processing platform.

Privacera, founded by Apache Ranger creators, is considered a leader in cloud info governance and security. It has partnered with Databricks, which established by Apache Spark developers, to guarantee consistent, secure, and compliant handling of info across all data science. The new product also deals with machine learning and analytics.


One of the key points offered by the Platform is to ensure the security of info sharing within the system to promote democratization or the easy accessibility of info to ordinary users. Pursuant to this goal, the company ensures accessibility while complying with pertinent laws.

Privacera Platform offers Secure Data Sharing

To this end, the press release also noted that “it balances the competing mandates of data democratization while adhering to applicable privacy and industry regulations such as GDPR and CCPA.”


The result of these considerations is the creation of a platform that not only allows efficient and effective uploading of on-site info lakes into the cloud but also guarantees protection of info in adherence to regulations.

As an artificial intelligence company, Databricks will be providing security in access and management through the Privacera Platform. This combination will allow customers to migrate their workloads without worries.

The firm offers row, column-level access control, and accelerated identification of sensitive information without affecting performance. Ultimately, this will make info available for access anytime and anywhere, without compromising the privacy of the data’s owners.

The two companies have announced this collaboration back in November 2019. In a company blog by Databricks, it was mentioned that this partnership can benefit existing customers of both companies, but with more benefits to users of Apache Ranger.

Regarding the partnership, Databricks SVP business development and partners Michael Hoff said, “Databricks and Privacera share a common vision to enable data teams to use and share sensitive data without compromising compliance with privacy regulations and other mandates.”

He added, “The Privacera integration to Databricks helps make this possible by automatically profiling sensitive data and applying fine-grained security and governance controls.”

Privacera co-founder and CEO noted that such a combination can offer greater security. However, Databricks users can use Platform to maximize their system’s efficiency and scalability without compromising such important factors.