New Windows 10 downloader through Windows Update

It seems Microsoft has is determined to push users towards Windows 10 and issued another downloader through Windows 10. This will no doubtedly annoy many users. As many of you will likely remember we first reported about a Windows 10 downloader issued through Windows Update back in april when it was pushed to users systems in the form of update KB3035583. This annoyed many users and we posted an easy way to get rid of the specific splash screen / downloader. Many users who had downloaded that specific update thought they were hit by a virus due to the phrasing used in the update.



There is currently very little news around the web for this but in a recent round of updates Microsoft has done it again. The update in question is KB2952664 for Windows 7 and KB2976978 for Windows 8(.1). The description of both updates states basically nothing more than this.

This update helps Microsoft make improvements to the current operating system in order to ease the upgrade experience to the latest version of Windows.

However this is not the case. Aside from determining if the system is eligible or capable of running Windows 10, it also adds back the exact same Windows 10 downloader (and subsequent folder/files in the System32 directory) that is displayed on every system boot. It would seem that Microsoft is adamant at forcing people to upgrade to Windows 10 at whatever the cost.


What do you guys think? Have you been hit with the downloader again? How do you feel about this? Let us know in the comments!