New Windows 10 feature blocks applications that are not installed from the Windows Store

Microsoft will add a feature to Windows 10 that will only allow applications from the Windows Store , similar how Apple only allows apps from its App Store. The functionality should increase the security of the operating system by blocking the installation of software from unknown sources.

New Windows 10 feature blocks applications that are not installed from the Windows Store

The feature will be introduced with the Creators Update that is scheduled for later this spring. According to MSPoweruser the OS will get a ‘Apps & Feature’ menu from where users can choose whether they want to allow installation of all applications or only apps from the Windows Store.

There will also a be third option that prefers apps from Microsoft’s store but still allows installing software from other sources after the user decides to install the app anyway. A warning that is shown when an user tries to install an application from outside the Windows Store states that ‘Limiting installations from app from the Store helps to keep your PC safe and reliable’.

At the same time it’s also a way for Microsoft to boost the usage of Windows Store. The company takes a percentage from the price users pay for software in the store.

The company also wants as much software to be based on its Universal Windows Platform (UWP). UWP applications can  run on e.g. desktops, mobile phones and game consoles from the same code base. Developers can use a special tool to convert regular Windows (win32) applications to Universal Windows Platform apps that can be made available in the Windows Store.

The feature is in build 15024 for Windows Insiders which Microsoft released last week and the feature is disabled by default. However,  Microsoft appears to be working on a version of Windows that only allows installing apps from the Windows Store.