“Next version of VLC will support Chromecast”

It appears that the VLC developers will add Chromecast support in the next version of the popular media player. The release notes of the latest version contain clues pointing in that direction.


The website Pocket-Lint reported yesterday that the VLC release notes of an upcoming version contains clues for support of Google’s HDMI dongle Chromecast. The release notes mention that an output module for Chromecast will be part of version 3.0. Unfortunately not more information has emerged.

In June last year the VideoLAND developers already confirmed they were working on Chromecast support for VLC. The iOS version of VLC would be the first so feature Chromecast support. Android and desktop versions of Windows, Mac and Linux should follow soon thereafter.


The VLC media player is very popular because the open source software is available for a large amount of platforms and supports many codecs out of the box. By adding Chromecast support, users can cast VLC content from a smartphone and desktop to a television. It’s unknown when version 3.0 will be released, the release has been delayed for weeks already.