Nexus One Google phone pricing leaked

Pricing details on the highly controversial Google Nexus One phone have been leaked. The HTC manufactured Android 2.1 smartphone will supposedly cost $180 with a 2 year T-mobile contract and $530 unlocked.

The specifics were revealed when Gizmodo obtained leaked Nexus One screenshots from an unnamed source. The “Google phone” will be sold directly from Google, which is a move that many analysts believe may anger Google’s other Android hardware partners.


According to the details, there is only one plan for the $180 subsidized Nexus One, with the 2-year T-mobile contract. This plan includes 500 anytime minutes, unlimited night & weekend minutes, unlimited T-mobile to T-mobile calls, unlimited messaging (SMS, MMS, etc) and unlimited data, all for $79.99 a month.

There are a few other restrictions, such as a maximum allowance of 5 Nexus One phones per Google account and a subsidy reimbursement penalty charge if you cancel your plan before 120 days (in addition to the early termination contract fee that you would owe T-mobile).

The phone is expected to go on sale starting January 5th at, to coincide with a Google press event that is occurring that same day.

Honestly, I’m a bit disappointed at this sale/pricing strategy. What’s the point of Google even selling the phone themselves if it’s joined at the hip to T-mobile? And with T-mobile having arguably the worst 3G coverage in the United States, it seems that Google isn’t doing themselves any favors. I’m certainly interested in the phone, but all of the restrictions as well as the average smartphone price-point make this all a bit less exciting.