Nimbus Data launches the world’s largest SSD – 100TB

Nimbus ExaDriveNimbus Data, a company that specialises in flash storage products, launched its ExaData DC SSD series.  The DC100 100TB model is over three times the capacity of its closest competitor, making it the largest capacity solid state drive (SSD) ever produced.  Despite aiming for the enterprise market, this 3.5” form factor SSD will be also available with an SATA interface, making it plug-and-play with many storage and server platforms.

Despite the enormous capacity, it delivers up to 100,000 IOPS read/write and up to 500MBps throughput, like a consumer SSD.  This makes it best suited for cloud storage such as Big data.  A single rack of DC100 SSDs can achieve over 100PB of RAW storage capacity.

With a power consumption of 0.1W per TB, Nimbus claims it will offer 85% lower operating costs per TB compared with competing enterprise SSDs.  This is due to savings in power consumption, cooling capacity and rack space usage.

Other features include hardware encryption, multiple ECC processors and secure erase capability.  The DC100 is backed by an unlimited writes-per-day endurance guarantee for 5 years and claims a MTBF of 2.5 million hours.  Embedded capacitors allow the SSD to safely retain buffered data in the event of a sudden power loss.

The ExaDrive DC series will be available in a choice of 50TB and 100TB, both in a 3.5” form factor with an SATA or SAS interface.  No retail pricing has been announced, however, Nimbus claim these will be priced similar per TB to existing enterprise SSDs.

Nimbus SSD vs competitors

Further information can be found in the Press Release and on the Nimbus website.