Nintendo 3DS video service live in Europe, US launch this summer

Posted 14 July 2011 04:00 CET by Ben Chatterton

A service allowing users to watch video content on their Nintendo 3DS systems went live in Europe yesterday, along with a sister service in Japan. The US will apparently gain access to Nintendo Video later this year.

The Japanese version (and isn’t the Japanese version always better?) offers video from major television networks, along with other original daily shows, including content about trainspotting and “celebrity idol wrestling”.

The European version, for now, contains a children’s show called “Oscar’s Oasis”, along with a program entitled “Magic Tricks for Your Nintendo 3DS”. This may seems spare now, but there are plans in the works for classical music concerts, movie trailers, and more children’s shows. When the possibility of the service was pitched to UK residents as the 3DS was released, inclusion of clips from Sky News and Eurosport was alluded to.

Nintendo also delivered further details on its Netflix application. Pricing and availability have been announced: Everyone with the unlimited Netflix account and a 3DS will be able to watch video content from Netflix on their 3DS at no additional cost.

The 3DS appears to be turning into a platform for services as much as it is for games. The eStore, augmented reality functions, Streetpass, and the pedometer had already been part of the 3DS’s repertoire. Additional 3DS services have not yet been announced, but given Nintendo’s track record, there may yet be more in store for owners of the new handheld system.

The 3DS and the upcoming WiiU systems have been attracting naysayers, and the small initial content offering for Nintendo Video Europe doesn’t seem to be helping. It may be true that it’s hard to make a system successful with nothing but an idea and a smattering of content, but that appears to be Nintendo’s forte.

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