Nintendo confirms red Wii & Wii Remote Plus bundles

Nintendo recently confirmed a red Wii console bundle and custom Wii Remote Plus controller will be released in time for Christmas.

The red Wii bundle will be released on Nov. 7 for $199 and includes a red Wii, one Wii Remote Plus, a copy of Wii Sports and New Super Marior Bros. Wii.

Nintendo confirms red Wii & Wii Remote Plus bundles

The new Wii Remote Plus will phase out the current generation Wiimote, and will be available as a standalone product for $40. The company plans to launch the FlingSmash and Wii Remote Plus for just $50, as the company embraces new custom game/controller bundles.

A custom Nintendo DSi XL bundle will also launch on Nov. 7 for $180 with a copy of Mario Kart DS included. The new handheld console includes a copy of Brain Age Express: Arts & Letters, Mario Kart DS, Brain Age Express: Math, and Photo Clock.

The Wii has seen great success since its launch, but 2010 is expected to be the most difficult year for the Nintendo console. In addition to slashing prices and having to be more aggressive with marketing, the Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 have clawed their way back into the mix. Continued price cuts for the Xbox 360 and PS3, more appealing video games, and better streaming technologies have caused Wii sales to struggle.

Even so, the Wii topped 30 million units sold in the US — in just 45 months — which made it the fastest-selling game console in history.

Wal-Mart already showed off an Xbox 360 Kinect bundle, with other retailers expected to offer bundles for all three consoles. The first Xbox 360 Kinect bundle will publicly launch in North America on Nov. 4.